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Metatrader and Forex dedicated server hosting answers.

PingPipe Internet is here for you.

Dedicated Server hosting solutions for forex business. Since 2010 - PingPipe Internet has been proud partners with MetaQuotes Software, the developers of MetaTrader and TeamWox.

Intel Xeon e3-1270 forex
$285 monthly
4 Cores x 3.4 Ghz.
RAM: 16 GB
Hard drives: 2 x 1 TB SATA
Traffic: 10 TB
Remote reboot and IP-KVM console
Windows Standard Edition
Dual Intel Xeon e5-2620 forex
$330 monthly
12 Cores x 2.0 Ghz.
RAM: 64 GB
Hard drives: 4 x 120 GB SSD
Traffic: 10 TB
Windows Standard Edition
Remote reboot and IP-KVM console.
Dual Intel Xeon e5-2650 forex
$475 monthly
16 Cores x 2.0 Ghz.
RAM: 128 GB
Hard drives: 4 x 480 GB SSD
Traffic: 10 TB
Windows Standard Edition
Remote reboot and IP-KVM console

Forex dedicated server hosting solutions.

Take your eCommerce and Forex operations to the next level with PingPipe. Our experts have over a decade experience providing international businesses with mission critical dedicated server solutions.

As part of our partnership with MetaQuotes Software we are pleased to offer dedicated server specials customized for MetaTrader operations. If you do not already own MetaTrader and need to purchase a license we will be pleased to refer you to our contacts at MetaQuotes Software. PingPipe is your dedicated server forex software webhosting solution

Our dedicated server configurations that we customized for MetaTrader software offer great protection for your online foxex business data. With optional built in hardware RAID on your primary hard drives, and additional hard drives just for backups.

You will have full administrator access to your dedicated servers, and included IP- KVM console with the ability to remotely power cycle your dedicated servers at anytime.

Rest assured with PingPipe dedicated servers for your MetaTrader, forex, and eCommerce projects. Your dedicated server monthky rental include our 100% network uptime guarantee in all of our locations: Newark, Atlanta, Dallas, Chicago, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Amsterdam.

Eight datacenter locations.

100% network uptime guaranteed.

Redundant network connectivity.

Solid dedicated server hardware.

Network-wide Ddos protection

Remote reboot and IP-KVM.

Forex dedicated server hosting answers.

PingPipe dedicated server datacenter facilities are located in major USA internat hub cities, and feature our 100% network uptime and guaranteed always available electricity; and myPingPipe solid support services make it easy for you to to upgrade your dedicated server hardware at anytime as your online online business grows.

PingPipe Internet partnered with MetaQuotes Software in 2010; to help them promote their TeamWox software. In addition to TeamWox, they are also well known for their popular forex MetaTrader software We are proud of our longstanding partnership and for the opportunity to provide our clients with information about their great software, and provide their clients with great dedicated servers and VPS hosting services.

Increase your team and personal productivity with PingPipe and customizable TeamWox client relationship management software from the team at MetaQuotes, the company that develops MetaTrader forex software. Enable your personal and team internet success with secure collaboration that encompases document management, website live chat, instant messenger, graphs and diagrams editing, a built-in support ticket system, project management, text translation service, integrated voip, and more.

MetaTrader and Forex dedicated server web hosting solutions, and TeamWox secure CRM groupware. PingPipe Internet is more than ping, power, and pipe. PingPipe Internet is dedicated to your online success.
Discounts available for 6 month and 12 month billing cycles.