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New York City dedicated server web hosting.

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New York City

New York City dedicated server web hosting answers.

The fastest connections that we offer to the New York City financial markets is our NYC locations. Speed and dependability matter in online commerce, and our New York City locations provide fast and reliable connectivity for dedicated server projects when it matters the most. Even during the devestating hurricane of 2012, our dedicated server web hosting service in New York City consistantly remained online.

PingPipe Internet has grown quite a bit since then, and we still stand behind the same network uptime commitment that we have always had with every client since we started business back in 2009.

Dedicated server clients today that choose the New York City option when they sign up are hosted in two data center facilities located in nearby Secaucus, New Jersey. Each of these datacenters have multiple upstream connections to internet backbone networks as well as each being directly connected to the other and the NY4 Equinix Internet Exchange. It is at NY4 that there is with direct data transfer through peering with over 150 networks, this contributes greatly to us being able to provide our dedicated server clients with end-to-end connectivity that is among the fastest available in the New York City area.

New York City dedicated server hosting advantages with PingPipe.
  1. Fast and dependable connectivity. Fast connections and speedy direct data transfer to over 150 networks through network peering sessions at the NY4 Equinux Internet Exchange. Start now.
  2. Dependable network uptime.
    Our service level agreement guarantees always an available network uptime and dependable internet connectivity in our NYC locations. Each of the two data centers have spare routers and other network equiptment on site for fail-over network uptime protection.
  3. Custom dedicated server web hosting. Pre-configured dedicated servers for MetaTrader Forex, as well as custom web hosting service for VoIP providersMore information.
Answers to many support related questions are available in the extensive myPingPipe knowledgebase, conveniently accessed from the secure PingPipe support portal.