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London dedicated server web hosting.

PingPipe delivers.


PingPipe Delivers

London Internet Exchange dedicated server web hosting.

PingPipe has super fast and always-available connectivity to the London Internet Exchange (LINX) for your dedicated server web hosting projects.

We host our London dedicated server clients in the Telehouse East data center, and features <1ms to the London Internet Exhange (LINX). Dedicated server bandwidth is provided from a blend of internet backbone networks as well as public network peering at the London Internet Exchange (LINX). It is this public network peering at LINX that contributes greatly to our web hosting clients having such dependable and quick global connectivity.

PingPipe web hosting delivers.
  1. Guaranteed network uptime for every dedicated server. Multiple upstream bandwith providers. Start here.
  2. Guaranteed electricity for every dedicated server. Our service level agrement with you is your peace of mind. We deliver.
  3. Fast connectivity and dependable dedicated server web hosting in London. <1 ms to London Internet Exchange (LINX). Start now.

PingPipe web hosting delivers.