What is SOA in Domain Name DNS Records?

When it comes to domain names, SOA is a short form for Start of Authority. This is information that must be included with every domain record in the internet DNS database, and it includes the following informaiton: 1) the hostname and primary name server that the domain is using. 2) A contact email address for the person that is responsible for the domain. 3) The amount of time before the DNS zone is refreshed 4) The amount of time (again, in seconds) to wait before retrying to refresh the zone if the intial attempt fails. 5) The number of seconds that the secondary nameserver will wait until checking if any changes have been made to the zone file information 5) The number of seconds after which a secondary server will consider the domain zone is not authoritive.

It is important that all this information is valid in order for a domain name to function properly. If you have any questions about domain names or would like to setup web hosting please open a support ticket from your PingPipe client portal, or contact our sales team for more information.
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