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Atlanta dedicated server web hosting.

PingPipe delivers.


We Deliver.

Atlanta web hosting answer.

PingPipe has dependable premium connectivity for your Atlanta dedicated server web hosting projects when it matters the most. We guarantee it.

We stand behind the same 100% network uptime commitment that we have had with every client since we started business back in 2009.

Internet bandwidth for our Atlanta dedicated server clients is provided from multiple upstream direct connections to international backbone networks as well as network peering at the local Atlanta Internet Exchange. It is this network peering that contributes greatly to us being able to our dedicated server clients having the amazing quick connectivity that we have become known for providing in all of our service locations.

PingPipe dedicated servers are here for you.
  1. Guaranteed network uptime for every dedicated server. Multiple upstream bandwith providers. We deliver.
  2. Guaranteed electricity for every dedicated server. Our service level agrement with you is your peace of mind. We deliver.
  3. myPingPipe personal service. We are here for you. We deliver.
  4. Dependable web hosting in Atlanta. Connect with PingPipe. We deliver.