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VPS internet hosting .

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Virtual Private Server solutions.

A virtual private server (VPS) is a great choice for ecommerce web sites, as well as resellers wanting reliable white-label web hosting. With a wide variety of customizable configurations and your choice of locations on both US coasts (as well as in Dallas), there is a PingPipe vps solution to match your needs.

Your VPS rental includes initial security hardening of the operating system, and we can assist with site migration (with matching control panels). We make it easy for you to scale VPS resources at anytime.

Virtual Private Server SolutionsFree data migration (with matching control panels)

$30 monthly
Disk space: 25 GB
RAM: 1024 MB
Traffic: 3 TB
$40 monthly
Disk space: 75 GB
RAM: 2.25 GB
Traffic: 7 TB
$65 monthly
Disk space: 105 GB
RAM: 3.75 GB
Traffic: 11 TB
$105 monthly
Disk space: 155 GB
RAM: 6.25 GB
Traffic: 15 TB
$125 monthly
Disk space: 180 GB
Traffic: 17 TB