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Overstock Dedicated Server web hosting.Effective and Affordable Premium Web Hosting Service.

We are constantly increasing our hardware inventory, and this gives us the opportunity to pass savings onto you. Sometimes you may have relatively small projects or wish to diversify operations over several dedicated servers. It is at times like that when our overstock dedicated servers are an ideal web host solution.

Dedicated server hardware suppliers use a similar pricing model to many other manufacturers in as much as when new models of a product are released they are generally fairly expensive, and over time become more and more affordable as they are replaced by newer models. Some suppliers also price components based on the time of year, with wide fluctuations. RAM is a good example of this, as it seems that every year it becomes more expensive when it is hurricane season in the areas where a majority of it is manufactured.

Online game players will be familiar with hardware component price fluctuations. They have seen the price of the video cards in their desktop computers skyrocket over recent years as component parts are being bought in large quantities by cryptocurrency miners. Over-all supply and demand of the parts that together make a dedicated server have an impact on price of the end-product.

Another major factor in how dedicated server part suppliers set prices is the over-all advancement of technology.  One need only to look at SSD storage to see that as it becomes more popular older technology like SATA drives usually also becomes more affordable.

We will never cut corners when it comes to the quality of the dedicated server hardware that we have on sale. Every dedicated server is enterprise-grade hardware and either rack-mounted or blade hosted in secure data centers with premium bandwidth.

Occasionally throughout each year we get special offers and volume discounts from our suppliers, and when we do we pass these savings through to our clients. Check with us often for our promotions and to sign up for our latest overstock dedicated server specials.

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Intel Xeon e3-1230v2
$88 monthly
4 Cores x 3.3 Ghz
RAM: 16 GB
1st Hard drive: 1 TB SATA
2nd Hard drive: optional
Port speed: 1 Gb/s
Traffic: 10 TB
Location: First available
Intel Xeon e3-1240v3
$98 monthly
4 Cores x 3.4 Ghz
RAM: 16 GB
1st Hard drive: 1 TB SATA
2nd Hard drive: optional
Port speed: 1 Gb/s
Traffic: 5 TB
Location: Singapore
Intel Xeon e3-1270v3
$118 monthly
4 Cores x 3.5 Ghz
RAM: 32 GB
1st Hard drive: 1 TB SATA
2nd Hard drive: optional
Port speed: 1 Gb/s
Traffic: 10 TB
Location: Amsterdam

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