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Intel Xeon e3-1230v2 dedicated server web hosting information.

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Intel Xeon e3-1230v2 processor dedicated server web hosting.

Intel Xeon e3-1230v2 processor with 4 cores and 8 threads at 3.3 GHz.

Intel launched its Xeon e3-1230v2 generation version of their Xeon scaleable processors for use in dedicated servers in the second quarter of 2013. Ever since then it has been a very popular processor choice in dedicated servers. This processor was originally part of the Intel product line called the Ivy Bridge version of their Xeon processors for web servers.

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Our dedicated server web host service includes unlimited remote access with the ability to add software and change dedicated server settings. Service is available from data centers in London, Amsterdam, Singapore, and New York City. Web host service in each location includes our network uptime guarantee, always available electricity, and fast connections to some of the internet's largest international networks.

There are a variety of hardware configurations available and we are always available to customize a dedicated server to meet your exact needs.

Contact us for more information about the Intel Xeon e3-1230v2 processor, dedicated servers and our web host services in London, Amsterdam, Singapore, and New York City. We deliver for you.

Intel Xeon e3-1230v2

Cores Threads Frequency Cache Memory Type Maximum Memory
4 8 3.3 GHz. 8 MB DDR3 32 GB