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Los Angeles Dedicated Servers.

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Los Angeles dedicated server solution.

Los Angeles serves as the major internet hub on the US west coast. Our dedicated servers are hosted there in the One Witshire annex, the city's most internet connected building. Upstream providers at this facility include redundant connections to major international internet backbone networks and network peering..
Los Angeles dedicated server PingPipe Internet advantage.
  1. Low latency connections to redundant upstream providers. Always connected network with 100% guaranteed uptime. Order now.
    Premium bandwidth with lots of included traffic for your dedicated server.
  2. Full unrestricted access. Self managed for your full control Choose your dedicated servers.
    You will have complete unrestricted access to your dedicated server, with the full ability to change settings and install software.
  3. Ddos protected network. Our facility in Los Angeles includes network protection from Ddos attacks. Learn more.
    Network traffic levels are pro-actively monitored in our Los Angeles location, to protect our dedicated server clients from denial of service attacks.