What is Windows remote desktop and RDP ?

Remote desktop is a software program built into Windows that you can use to connect to and Administer your dedicated server., as long as it is running Windows. It is sometimes called RDP, which is short for Remote Desktop Protocol.

After you successfully connect with your dedicated server using remote desktop you will see an image of your server's Windows desktop on your computer screen, this allows you to Administer and manage your dedicated server remotely, from any computer running Windows.

If you are having trouble connecting to your Windows dedicated server using remote desktop you can check on its status and power cycle it from your server's IPMI. There is also an option within IPMI to launch a remote console session, if you need to (for example, if Windows firewall has locked you out).

If you have any questions about Remote Desktop and your dedicated server please open a support ticket from your myPingPipe.com client portal, we are always here to assist you.

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