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Accessing webmail on a dedicated server using Cpanel. If you are running Cpanel on your dedicated server or VPS and have setup email accounts you can... Are there backups done of my VPS website ? If you have chosen the optional Cpanel control panel with managed services when you signed up for... is the automatically generated DNS Zone and nameservers on Cpanel installations. It... log and stats Cpanel accounts include two graphic site stats programs for free: webalizer or awstats. You will... webmail Webmail with your own domain name is included when you choose Cpanel as the optional control... What domain extension can I host on my Cpanel dedicated server? You can host any ICANN accredited domain name extension on your Cpanel dedicated server. What is Cpanel ? Cpanel is a control panel software that as available as an option with Linux-based dedicated... What is Drupal? Drupal is a content management software that is available for free via the Fantastico plug-in for... What is Horde email client ? Horde is a webmail client that is included with Cpanel, which itself is an optional control panel... What is webalizer? Webalizer is a software program that can help you track and analyze your website traffic. It is... What is Wordpress ? Wordpress is a content management software, it is very common to see it used as a framework for a... Where can I get free blog software? When you choose to have Cpanel control panel included on your VPS and/or dedicated server you... Will you migrate my website accounts from another host ? Yes, account migration service is available to your VPS website hosting solution with PingPipe....
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