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Accessing webmail on a dedicated server using Cpanel. If you are running Cpanel on your dedicated server or VPS and have setup email accounts you can... Available Linux Distributions for Dedicated Servers. PingPipe dedicated servers include your choice of available operating systems. The following... Checking how much Hard Disk Space you are using with Windows 2008. Before checking how much hard disk space you are using with Windows 2008 it is important to... Compressing Windows Files to Save Disk Space If you notice that you are running out of disk space on your Windows dedicated server, you can... Dedicated Server and VPS account renewal Your dedicated server and VPS account[s] will automatically re-new on the anniversary date of... Dedicated server backups of data PingPipe dedicated servers are self-managed, so you should have someone available on your team... Dedicated server reboot needed If you ever need a reboot of your dedicated server, VPS, or cloud hosting service, please open a... Dedicated Server Support Support for your dedicated server is always available via your secure client portal. To enter a... Does PingPipe allow custom operating systems on dedicated servers? Yes, PingPipe allows you to install a custom operating system on your dedicated server. We can... Entering a support ticket for a dedicated sever with Plesk To enter a support ticket log into your client area If you have forgotten your... Free setup of Dedicated Servers PingPipe dedicated server standard web hosting plans include free dedicated server setup. Hardware RAID for dedicated servers Hardware-based RAID is an optional service available that can help protect the data that you have... How can I pay for my dedicated server? There are a number of options available for you to pay your PingPipe Internet dedicated server... How do I order a dedicated server? You can order your dedicated server with PingPipe from our secure online order form. There is... How do I order more IP's for my dedicated server? New dedicated server deployments usually include a /29 of IPv4 space. You can request additional... How long until my new dedicated server is online? Setup of your new PingPipe dedicated server will usually be completed within 1-3 business days of... How many websites can I host on a dedicated server ? We do not place a limit on the number of websites that you host with us. PingPipe Internet... How to connect to a Windows 2008 dedicated server desktop. There are a number of methods available for you to connect to your Windows 2008 dedicated server,... How to disable Ping responses from your Ubuntu dedicated server. To disable ping responses from your Ubuntu dedicated server, log in with root access and enter... How to help speed up your Windows dedicated server. Sometimes you may notice that your dedicated server is running slowing than usual, or lagging a... I can't reach my dedicated server. If you ever have difficulty reaching your dedicated server, we recommend that you first access... Linux dedicated server root access You will have full root access to your PingPipe dedicated server. For security reasons we... Managed Services for Dedicated Servers. PingPipe dedicated servers are self-managed. You have full Administrator/root access to your... Reboot tickets for dedicated servers You can request a reboot of your dedicated server at anytime, all that is needed is a support... Reboot your Dedicated Server via IPMI To reboot your dedicated server via IPMI, first check the welcoming email that was sent when your... Remote Hands assistance for Dedicated Servers Remote hands assistance for dedicated servers is charged at a rate of $80 per hour, in 30 minute... Setting up OutLook email on a dedicated server running Plesk When setting up an OutLook email account for a website hosted on a dedicated server running the... Slow login as root on CentOS Sometimes you may notice a slow login as root on your CentOS based dedicated server or VPS and it... Steps to Take when IPMI Console Re-direct will not Launch Most PingPipe dedicated servers include IPMI and remote reboot functionality. After you have... Technical Support for Dedicated Servers PingPipe dedicated servers are self-managed, our support services are available 24/7 from your... What is DDoS? DDoS is a networking short-form term for distributed denial of service. It is often used when... What is Windows remote desktop and RDP ? Remote desktop is a software program built into Windows that you can use to connect to and... Where can I get free blog software? When you choose to have Cpanel control panel included on your VPS and/or dedicated server you... Windows 2008 Record of Failed Login Attempts If your dedicated server is using Windows 2008 as its operating system it is possible to view a... Windows operating system for Dedicated Servers PingPipe dedicated servers are available with your choice of Windows 2012, Windows 2016 or...
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