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Acceptable Use Policy The acceptable use policy for PingPipe is linked to directly from the homepage, if... Adding MSsql to your dedicated server MSsql can be added to any Windows-based PingPipe dedicated server. Pricing varies depending on... Can I pay my invoice using Bitcoin? At this time we do not accept Bitcoin for dedicated server invoice payments. We do accept payment... Can I pay my invoice using PayPal? At this time we do not accept PayPay for dedicated server invoice payments. We do accept payment... Dedicated Server and VPS account renewal Your dedicated server and VPS account[s] will automatically re-new on the anniversary date of... How can I pay for my dedicated server? There are a number of options available for you to pay your PingPipe Internet dedicated server... How do I order a dedicated server? You can order your dedicated server with PingPipe from our secure online order form. There is... How do I order more IP's for my dedicated server? New dedicated server deployments usually include a /29 of IPv4 space. You can request additional... How long after I make payment until my dedicated server is online? Most dedicated server orders are setup within 1-3 days of payment verification [or sooner]. How to enter a support ticket. To enter a support ticket, first log into your client portal. If you have... Minimum contract term for a PingPipe dedicated server The minimum contract term for dedicated server rental with PingPipe Internet is month-to-month.... Paying an invoice by bank wire transfer. You can use a bank wire transfer to make your invoice payment for your PingPipe dedicated server.... Paying an invoice by credit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit cards for invoice payments. Paying an invoice. You can pay your PingPipe dedicated server invoice via credit card (VISA, MasterCard, American... Payment due date for invoices. Invoices for PingPipe web hosting services including VPS and dedicated servers are due on the... Updating Your Account Information It is very important that all the contact and billing information that we have on file for your... Updating credit card details To add a credit card and to make payment of your current invoice :1) after you have logged into...
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