Setting up OutLook for on a dedicated server with Cpanel

Once your DNS has pointed towards PingPipe's nameservers, here are the steps needed to setup OutLook  to send and receive email from your domain:

In OutLook  click on TOOLS, then ACCOUNTS, then ADD then POP3 

In the YOUR NAME field enter your name as your would like it to appear in the "from" section of emails.

In the EMAIL ADDRESS field enter your email address (for example:

My incoming mail server is a [POP3] server.

Incoming Mail server is your domain name (for example: )

Outgoing mail: it is recommended that you enter the SMTP settings that your ISP gave you. As an alternative, you can instead enter your domain name in this field.


USERNAME is your full email address (for example:

Enter the password you have chosen when you setup the email account in Cpanel or Plesk.

Make sure "log on with secure password authentication" is NOT checked.

Click NEXT and then FINISHED


if you are using your ISP as your outgoing (SMTP) server (see above) contact your ISP for the settings of this tab.

if you are using your domain as your outgoing (SMTP) server (see above) make sure that "MY SERVER REQUIRES AUTHENTICATION" is checked.

USE SAME SETTINGS AS...should be checked

click OK

if you run into any difficulties or require assistance please enter a technical support ticket via the PingPipe client area and the next available representative will respond.

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