Uptime Guarantee with PingPipe.

Dedicated server clients = 100% network uptime, 100% power availability.

  • If transit to the Internet or electricity becomes unavailable for a cumulative period of up to 5 minutes beyond the 100% minimum in any month of service, you are entitled to receive credit for the equivalent of one day's service on the next month's invoice for your dedicated server with PingPipe.
  • If  transit to the Internet or electricity remain unavailable for a cumulative period beyond 5 minutes, dedicated server clients are entitled to an account credit equivalent to and additional 5% of your recurring monthly fees for the month that would otherwise be payable for each cumulative 1 hour period that network or power is unavailable.

Shared Hosting Clients = 99.9% server uptime.

  • If the shared server hosting your website account has a physical downtime that is not within the PingPipe 99.9% server uptime guarantee you are eligable to receive one month of credit on your account. (Third party monitoring service reports may not be used for justification).

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