What is the difference between IPMI, iDRAC, and iLO ?

IPMI, iDRAC, and iLO all porovide essentially the same functionality, which one is active in your dedicated server depends on the manufacturer of your dedicated server hardware and motherboard. iDRAC is how Dell brands this feature for its dedicated servers, HP brands it as iLO, and SuperMicro brands it as IPMI. They all are a way for a server administrator to connect to a server and launch a remote KVM session or remotely control the server's power and do a reboot or stop/start the server's power. There are no real security differences between the three, the remote console for each operates via a Java pop-up so it is necessary for the server administrator to have the latest version of Java installed on their workstation when they want to use the remote KVM function. It is also important to note that with iDRAC (from Dell) and iLO (from HP) there might be licensing fees that need to be paid, whereas with IPMI (from SuperMicro) there currently is no additional licensing fees that need to be paid.

If you have any questions about whether your PingPipe dedicated server includes IPMI, iDRAC, or iLO or would like to contact our sales team further information please open a support ticket, and we'll repond as quickly as possible.
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