How to Turn Windows Automatic Updating On or Off

Windows includes the option to have it automatically download and install updates, or you can manually install them. If you choose to manually install Windows updates it is important that you regularly check if there are any available, we recommend checking for new updates at least monthly, weekly checks are best. Here is how you can change your Windows settings to turn automatic updates on or off:

After logging into your Windows dedicated server as Administrator, click on the Start button and in the search box type: Update, and in the results click Windows Update. In the left panel of the next screen choose Change settings, and then under Important Updates choose whether you prefer automatic updates, or to do Windows updates manually. Under the Recommended Updates option choose: Give me recommended updates the same way that I receive important updates, then click OK.

If you have any questions about Windows updates or require any help with your dedicated server, please log into your client area to enter a support ticket.

  • Windows 2008, Windows 2012, Windows updates
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